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Judges and Lawyers rejuvenate 400 years old lake in Anekal, Karnataka.

The Anekal Taluk Court’s Principal Civil Judge Gokula K, Additional Civil Judges Ramprashanth MN and Santhosha Kumar Daivajna, with the help of Anekal Taluk Legal Services Authority, Anekal Advocates Association and Police officers have brought to life 400 year old lake (kalyani) in Anekal.

The lake was in bad shape and was almost sub-merged in dirt and mud. The team worked relentlessly for many months to clean the entire surrounding and to bring the lake to original status.

The Hon’ble Judges participated in the project restoration and worked along with the team. Photographs showing the lake rejuvenation are here.

Published by rajdakshalegal

Advocate, High Court of Karnataka, Bengaluru

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